10 Life Hacks You Need To Know For Summer


In this article we have listed a few tricks to make your summer a little easier.

As you very well know, you need to prepare yourself to enjoy the kind of food and drinks we all love to consume in the summer. And thanks to these life hacks, you don’t have to worry about hosting a boring party or dealing with pesky insects that the warm summer months are known to bring.

From barbeque parties to slicing exotic fruits the proper way, these life hacks will give you the most unforgettable and fun summer yet.

  1. Imaging a summer afternoon spent with great people and a grill full of burgers—who can say no to a day like that? Here’s a trick to eating a huge juicy burger: turn it upside down. By doing this, you can keep your burger from getting soggy.
  2. If you have trouble keeping your straw in your can while drinking your soda, try bending the tab of the can and place your straw in between. Gone are the days of looking clumsy while sipping your favorite cola.
  3. Learn how to cut a mango (or other fruits) easily in the video below. Impress the island girls or just enjoy eating your tropical fruits without asking for help.
  4. Problems with ants? Easy, just blend some popcorn kernels until they become like flour, and spread over the ant trails. Ants hate white carbs. Perhaps they’re trying to lose weight?
  5. Having a party with lots of snacks? Throwing summer bashes can be easier with awesome life hacks. In the video you’ll learn how to make custom snack bowls.
  6. Learn how to get rid of fruit flies that can dampen a yummy summer spread. Bring out the tropical fruits and other treats without worrying about critters getting to your snacks way before you do.
  7. Summer means ice popsicles. Who can resist the fruity and icy goodness of these treats? Learn how to keep your fingers clean while enjoying a chilly popsicle in a not-so-chilly weather.
  8. Preparing a barbeque and hoping to impress your guests? Learn how to use a muffin pan to make everything just a little bit easier. These pans have more uses than most people realize. You don’t have to be a professional chef to put together a barbeque everyone will remember.
  9. Going to the beach? Of course! It’s summer and nothing calls you to the shore, waves and sand more than the warm weather and great friends. Make sure you don’t lose your valuables by learning some nifty life hacks.
  10. Need a cold drink? Quench your thirst and look cool by the pool. You and your friends can enjoy the best iced cold drinks this summer with no problem, thanks to some life hacks!

Watch the video: 10 Life Hacks You Need To Know For Summer! by Grant Thompson – “The King of Random on YouTube”

10 Life Hacks You Need To Know For Summer! by Grant Thompson – “The King of Random on YouTube