10 Sex Facts About Single Guys (SIMPLY UNBELIEVABLE!)

Your beliefs regarding single men and sex may not be as accurate as you think. Take a look at these facts:

  1. In the US, men in San Francisco on average have the most sex daily than any other city in the country. New York, which bills itself as the greatest city in the world, is actually just an average place for men when it comes to the number of sex partners and the frequency of sex for single men.

    Part of the reason for this is that San Francisco is known for having a significant percentage of gay men. That makes single straight guys much more in demand among the straight female population.
  2. The city where single men are most satisfied with their sex lives is Chicago. Meanwhile, Los Angeles, the city of Hollywood and liberal social norms, has the greatest number of unsatisfied single men when it comes to sex. Perhaps this is because these Hollywood types have inflated expectations regarding sexual opportunities.
  3. The cowgirl position is the #1 most popular sex position for single men, with 31% of single men citing it as their favorite. This is understandable, since the woman does most of the work and you can’t argue about the view. It also enables men to provide additional clitoral stimulation. Doggie style is close behind at 29%, and that’s probably due to a greater emphasis on women’s asses these days.
  4. And despite the numerous porn movies showing sex while standing up, the standing position is only popular among 2% of the singe male population. Obviously, this position is too difficult to maintain for lots of out-of-shape guys.
  5. Speaking of porn, fully 82% of single males admit to watching porn. Some people even think that this number is too low—more men are watching porn than ever before because of the Internet, and they’re just not admitting it.

    Virtually half (49%) of single men said that porn didn’t affect their sexual performance, although 15% confessed that porn may have caused them to have unrealistic expectations. These unrealistic expectations include sex involving pizza delivery, length of sex sessions, and believing that it’s easy to arrange a threesome with two women.
  6. Single men also have less sex than their committed counterparts. Only 52% of single men have sex more than once each month, while 82% of men in relationships have sex more than once a month. There’s something to be said for having a reliable partner for sex.
  7. Valentine’s Day is celebrated by 72% of all single men, and virtually all of these guys (69% of single men) expect the date to include sex at some point.
  8. Among the lies that men tell women in bed, the most popular is the lie that they want a relationship. Almost half (48%) of single men have said this. About 19% do say that they don’t want a relationship, while an equal number of guys have told women that they’re single.
  9. Despite the horn-dog image of single guys, only 15% of them actually wish they can have sex every day. Many guys work too hard, and sometimes they just want to watch football at home or sleep. Most guys also prefer to have sex late at night or at least past 10 PM.
  10. And finally, more than half (54%) professed that they would use a birth control pill for men if it became available.

So do these facts burst any of your beliefs about single men?


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