QUESTIONABLE STYLING SENSE – 10 Ways Men Are Dressing Wrong

Growing up, you probably dress according to what is clean inside your closet.  You put on a t-shirt, the first pair of pants that you were able to see and the never-failing white socks. Crocs instead of shoes? No problem. As long as they let you walk on the streets, that’s fine.

It’s time to get out of those awful ways. Man it up! This video is a must if you want to learn how to dress like a grown ass man. Great style, great shirts, pants and shoes. And let us introduce you to another great thing: color coordination. Please get rid of your crocs (please!) and update your wardrobe. This is not a vanity thing (well, it kind of is) but also something that can help you with the ladies. So please go home, get your baggy shorts, white socks, crocs and your deep v neck t-shirt and put them in the garbage!

    1. Don’t just haphazardly roll up your sleeves. And don’t fold your sleeves an inch at a time, which is how politicians do it to show that they’re relaxed or on the job.Instead, fold your sleeve inside out halfway so that it still covers the elbow. Then fold it up again to show your elbows, while you leave the cuff of your shirt still exposed by the folds. For some reason, lots of women find this style more attractive.


    1. Don’t wear baggy shorts that fall below the knee. The only exception is if you’re actually going surfing. However, it’s also not the best idea to wear shorts that show your entire thigh. The proper length for shorts is to break at the knee, or no more than 2 to 3 inches above the knee.


    1. Don’t ever wear white socks with any outfit. The only time when white socks are appropriate is when you’re doing something athletic. For any other occasion, white socks are never allowed.


    1. Don’t limit your shoes to a single pair every day. Any well-dressed man will have at least 5 pairs of shoes: casual shoes, sneakers, brown dress shoes, black dress shoes, and boots.


    1. If you’re wearing brown or black shoes, use a belt with the same color. However, they don’t have to be in the same exact shade.


    1. Don’t tuck in casual shirts and polos. And don’t leave your dress shirt untucked because you’ll look like you’re wearing a dress.


    1. Don’t wear suit jackets that are too large for you. You’ll know they’re too big for you when there’s a divot under the shoulder while the fabric rumples. Don’t wear suit jackets that are too small for you, either. Your range of motion will be limited otherwise, and the seam that hikes up your shoulder doesn’t look great either.


    1. If you’re wearing a suit, never fasten the button at the bottom.


    1. Don’t wear a DEEP V-neck shirt. For V-necks, the cut should be no lower than 2 to 3 inches below your neck.


    1. Don’t limit yourself to safe choices all the time. Try out different patterns and bright colors. If you feel confident in them, you can always try them out.


Men’s fashion is about showing the world who you are. So dress well and feel good about yourself!

10 Ways Men Are Dressing Wrong by BuzzFeedYellow on YouTube