Find a New Cologne

Imagine this: You’re walking down the street and from a distance you see a beautiful house. It’s just as you’ve always pictured your dream house. Everything from its color to its height, windows and style–there’s no doubt this is the one you want.

So you head to the house of your dreams, only to realize that there is a foul smell in the air. The stench is coming from the house and all of a sudden you’re no longer interested to go inside and check it out.

The same thing can happen to you if you wear the wrong cologne. Your smell is no laughing matter and even if you are wearing perfume, it can still go bad for you. What you think is a great choice of perfume may have the potential to turn off a romantic partner.

First impressions are always transmitted by our senses, and the sense of smell is often taken for granted when we want to make a great first impression. But that’s not the way it should be. How you smell is one of the factors that determine whether you’re going to be making a great first impression or not.

Knowing how our sense of smell operates has been studied by scientists in the recent past. Smell is such a vital sense. It lets us know if there’s danger around us, like in the case of a gas leak; it tells us if something’s burning or if the food is rotten just before we put it in our mouths. Smell is very closely tied to sections of the brain that process memory and emotion. Pungent and bad smells actually transmit pain signals to our brains, warning us of the potential of danger.

Smell is so important to the survival of our species, as well as to animals, since it helps living creatures locate food and water, even find a mate and, for some species, communicate with one another. Sure, the human sense of smell is not as sharp and accurate as those of animals but we humans can still pinpoint up to 10,000 various odor molecules.

Many people take their sense of smell for granted. Most people assume we mainly rely on our ears and eyes. Smell plays such a crucial role in evolution and the survival of the fittest humans in our history. Even though us humans rely a lot less today on smell in order to survive, there is still a big importance that we must place on our sense of smell today. Smell plays a role in our ability to taste numerous delicious foods. Smell also helps us attract a romantic partner, especially with the help of perfumes.

The efforts we put in wearing great clothes, being able to hold nice conversations and looking good can be for naught if the smell we emit and is perceived by others is not tolerable.

We don’t want that to happen to you, so watch this video and learn how to choose the best cologne for you.


How To Choose A New Cologne: Selection Tips and Advice by alpha m. on YouTube