The Most Trending Beard Styles For This Summer


There are only two types of guys in the world: men who can grow beards and men who can’t.  So, if you’re part of the “can grow a beard” group and have decided to actually grow and style a beard in order to improve your appearance (it’s a new trend) you have to remember three important things:

  1. Good looking beards require plenty of maintenance. Certain styles are going to be more difficult to maintain than others but in general, you need to rinse it daily in the shower and apply beard oil.
  2. Sporting a beard is now acceptable in most workplaces so wear yours with pride!
  3. Beards come in a wide variety of styles. Some styles may suit you while others won’t. So just because women find David Beckham’s beard sexy doesn’t mean you should imitate it as well.

What are the most popular beard styles? Let’s take a look:

Designer Stubble:

This simple and rugged look is more popularly known as the “five o’clock shadow”. Thanks to George Michael, the trend started to become popular back in the 80s, giving men a macho and couldn’t-care-less appearance.

If a rugged and unkempt look is your thing—and assuming your wife is OK with it—then this is a very easy beard style to maintain.


This look requires more maintenance than the five o’clock shadow but it will give you a polished appearance. Keep the hair on your beard short and the edges sharp and neat. The neck must be fully shaved while the line under the chin needs to look defined.

Aside from looking professional, this style will give your facial features some definition.

Captain Jack:

Here’s a look that appeals to both men and women. To pull this off, you’ll need to grow a moustache, goatee and full beard along your jaw.

It can take plenty of maintenance to sport a Captain Jack if you’re one of those people whose facial hair grows as fast as weeds, however. Expect to do a lot of trimming and grooming if you choose this look.

Full Beard:

If you want to look as manly as possible then a full beard is an excellent choice. This look exudes confidence, virility and class. Keep in mind that you’ll have to groom it properly so it will look stylish. But at least a full beard is relatively easy to maintain.

Van Dyke:

If you’re willing to put in extra maintenance work for a unique beard style, then the Van Dyke is for you. It’s basically a short and pointy beard, and has a pointy moustache  You’ll need to apply a styling wax to keep it in place.

Artistic men can easily pull this off. A European accent might also help.

Hipster Beard:

If you love your Polaroid camera and overpriced coffee then this beard is for you. It might look rough but a hipster beard actually requires a whole lot of dedication. Keep the upper portion of your neck shaved and trim the moustache around your mouth.

If you want to go full hipster and sport a “handlebar moustache” then expect to put in even more work into this look.

So try a few of these beard styles and decide which one looks best on you.

How to Trim Your Beard | Shaving Tips by Howcast on YouTube