Secret To Tie A Perfect Bow Tie


Maybe you’ve been a bow tie fan for a while now, or perhaps someone you look up to likes to wear one. In any case, bow ties are definitely IN today. You can see them almost everywhere, worn in combination with different outfits (and not only the traditional tuxedo).

Before anything else, let’s first review the benefits of wearing a regular bow tie, compared to wearing regular ties.

Apart from the coolness factor, bow ties are perfect for any occasion: they can be extra formal (for weddings) but also casual and fun. A regular bow tie consists of a thin strip of fabric that you will transform into a great-looking bow tie. Although there are few variations in form, the differences actually address the size of the bow and the shape of the ends. For example, there are some bow ties that have pointed ends instead of a square shape.

But here’s the question many men ask: How to tie a bow tie?

Certainly they’re similar to neck ties when we talk about tying them, however, they have their own techniques to be correctly tied and worn. We’re not talking about those clip-on bow ties that look so fake and unnatural when you’re wearing them. We’re talking about an actual gentleman’s bow tie.

The first step is to make sure you’re standing in front of a mirror.  Then lift up your collar so you’ll have an easier time working on your tie. Next, put the bow tie around the neck and, as if you’re tying a regular tie, make sure one end of the bow tie is draping over your chest in a way that it’s longer than the other end. Place the bow tie in a way that the end is hanging approximately 1.5 inches lower compared to the other end.

Take the longer end and have it cross over the shorter one. Make sure to cross the tie close to your neck. This way the loop around the neck is big enough to handle but don’t make it too loose. You wouldn’t want a tie that dangles on your chest.

Take the long end then loop it under the section where the two ends are crossing. Using one hand, hold the part where the two ends form a cross and then take the dangling part of the longer end. Pass this behind and then take it up over the intersection point.

Take the dangling end and fold it to create a loop. Grab the dangling shorter end, folding it over on itself. Do this at the widest section. Lift up the entire portion, turning it 90 degrees. Make sure it faces horizontal. What you want is a loop that faces the same side as your shoulder where the longer bow tie is.

For more details, check out this video to visually learn how to tie your bow tie and look great wearing it!

How to Tie a Bow Tie | Men’s Fashion by Howcast on YouTube