Learn To Tie A Perfect Necktie – LOOK CHIC IN A NECKTIE

Even though, nowadays, wearing a necktie is becoming the exception even in offices, knowing how to tie one is a skill quite useful and necessary to have. Almost all of us have been faced with the question “do you know how to tie a tie?” and had at least a couple of problems remembering how to do it.

Of course, there are many kinds of ties. The most obvious difference is the width: some ties are wider than others. Then there’s the length: some reach the waist and some are just tiny little bowties. And don’t get me started on patterns and colors.

As there are different types of ties, their names are also different: neckties, ascots, bow ties, bolo ties, cravats, etc.

However, there’s the more classical, common tie that we all have to know have to… well, tie. This classical tie is usually 56 inches long and between 3.25-3.5 inches wide, and is based upon a patent received in 1924 by Jesse Langsdorf. As you cannot ever be certain of when you’ll have the next fancy date, an important interview, a special occasion with the family or even a brand new job where it is required to wear a necktie. So, whatever is your case, knowing how to tie a necktie is a critical skill for a guy to have.

The easiest way is called the four in hand knot. Have the wider part of the tie on your left hand and the narrower end on your right. The narrow end must just be above the height of your pants.

Cross the wider end in front of the narrow end and then behind through the right side. Cross the same end to the front again but instead of getting this behind the tie like the first loop, let it go through the loop of the tie in your neck.

As you get the whole length of the wide end of the tie through, insert this to the loop you created when you passed the wide end in front of the narrow end. Make sure that everything is straight and orderly.

Now the tie will look lousy and disheveled at first but this is okay because you can fix this by pulling on the narrow end of the tie behind the wider end that is out in the front of your shirt. As you pull the narrow end, the loop of the tie will go up to the base of your collar. Make this tight enough to make it look sharp and snappy. Replace your collar down and you will be able to see that the tie fits perfect in there. Make further adjustments to make it all straight and nice.

Are you struggling when you try to work on your necktie? Are you getting lost trying to make your tie look perfect? Well, worry no more! You can learn how to tie a tie right now. Listen to this expert’s instructions on how to tie a necktie in the following video.

How to Tie a Tie – Expert Instructions on How to Tie a Tie by HowToVideo on YouTube