MEN SUBSTITUTE WOMEN IN ADS – What If Women’s Sensual Acts In Ads Were Replaced By Men?

Sexualizing women in marketing campaigns is an old strategy and it works too. And while many people are clamoring that this should be stopped, no one’s been brave enough to do it. The woman’s body and form is still commanding higher sales in just about every product that uses it to seduce people into buying. What is driving this trend?

First of all the soft lines of the woman’s body is no doubt more sensual than the boxy, angled lines of a man’s. There is just no finesse and refinement in the form and movement of the male body. The woman’s body, on the other hand is very fluid, designed to invoke passion and lust.

Many studies have been launched on this and it was found out that women are indeed hyper-sexualized in many ads today. It is different for sexualizing an ad because this only means the context of sexuality is needed in an ad’s storyline.

A Victoria’s Secret ad must of course feature women in lace underwear to get the desired impulse from the viewer to buy the product. A male model in his underwear will also be suited in an ad for a men’s underwear brand like Hanes. This is sexualized advertisements and in many levels this can be acceptable.

Hyper-sexualizing is an entirely different matter. This includes advertising for food showcasing women in their underwear, or selling fragrances, even cars with girls scantily clad. The context of the ad is far from normal sexuality but then again, there goes the woman’s body, all exposed in its naked glory.

The reason this is heavily used in marketing campaigns is because it works. It is however crazy to imagine the same approach being applied with men modeling for the said ads.

You do not see a male model spraying himself with some food additives to advertise a food seasoning product. It is also hard to imagine a man covered in chips in bed seducing his girlfriend. It is also not cute for men to act like he desperately needs attention while his girl is engrossed watching television.

Women simply have the power to portray a role of need, desperation, and of irresistible beauty to invoke positive motivation to buy and patronize a product.

Why is this role very hard to reverse with men?

This is one of the unique attributes of women and may prove their purpose in this world – to provide flavor and passion in everything that we do. Their body, gestures, common personality traits, and distinct actions make them shine thru in ads that men could not even dream of doing effectively.

So when you ask yourself why this is so, just accept the fact that we are not created equal and that women are just more convincing in invoking and amplifying needs. Interestingly, when a semi naked hot woman is used to advertise a car, that ad becomes unforgettable, but the car being sold to one’s consciousness is also not overshadowed.

Why is this not ridiculous on women but it is if a man plays the role?

If Women’s Roles In Ads Were Played By Men from BuzzFeedYellow on YouTube