Men’s Standards of Beauty around the World

What does a good-looking man look like exactly? The answer depends on where you are, because the standards of male beauty around the world is by no means universal. In some countries a good looking guy is someone who is very masculine and sports a beard. In other parts of the world, however, men who are considered attractive are those who are clean-shaven and neat.

The different standards of male attractiveness are not just an interesting trivia. They’re crucial for many sellers and marketing professionals who use male models to sell their products. It can present the wrong image for your brand when a male model used for an ad in a certain country is considered too unkempt to be considered attractive or too feminine to be considered manly.

In the video below, you can see just how different men’s standards of beauty is. Here are some of the highlights of the video:

  • In the US, Hollywood executives seem to think that white guys are the epitome of attractiveness. That’s why according to a diversity report on Hollywood films in 2013, 83.3% of the lead actors were white. The prototypical look nowadays is the “lumbersexual” image: white, masculine, and bearded. Just look at the men in the Game of Thrones.
  • In Mexican culture, men value behavior that can be described as “macho”. Vanity is common among Mexican men. Onestudy in 2000 found that Mexican men were the most vain men in the world next only to Venezuelan guys.
  • In Brazil, the land of football, samba, and the Carnival, about 43% of the population is of mixed heritage. The ideal characteristics of handsome men in Brazil include a tan skin along with “Germanic” features. Brazilian men here are so determined to look good that even cosmetic surgery for men is considered a norm.
  • In South Africa, less than 9% of the population is white, while almost 80% of the population is black according to a 2011 census. Yet majority of the South African editions of Men’s Health and GQ featured white models in the cover. Studies have indicated that Western standards of beauty are becoming more acceptable to young men of black or mixed heritage.
  • In Nigeria, young men in their 20s actually view masculinity as “culturally superior” to femininity, according to a study in 2007.
  • In Turkey, where the lead actors are idolized all over the Arab world, traditional masculinity is being replaced with a softer and more romantic image. Body hair removal is now a trend in men’s grooming.
  • In Italy, men’s fashion involves fine tailoring, as well as a penchant for “feminine” colors. Male attractiveness is symbolized by the attitude of nonchalance.
  • In the UK, guys like Beckham define the standards of beauty for men. That’s why 20% of men now have tattoos. Facial hair is also popular.

If you are a marketing professional, then by watching the video you’ll know what your male model should look like when you’re launching an advertising campaign in a particular country.

If you’re a woman, then this video will somehow tell you where you can find your perfect man. And if you’re a man, well, you’ll know which country you can go to where people will find your look attractive!

Men’s Standards Of Beauty Around The World
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