How to Know If a Suit Fits Properly


Have you ever had trouble finding the perfect suit for that very important job interview? Suits are not like t-shirts you can just buy anywhere. They’re a sophisticated outfit that needs to be tailored properly so it will look great on you.

Then again, it’s not always possible to buy a tailor-made suit. But you can buy any suit and then send it to the tailor to get it adjusted. However, to know exactly what to ask the tailer, you have to know exactly what you need. This includes knowing what can’t be done in a pre-fabricated suit.

For starters, a good suit must let you move with ease. It should let you look lean, tall and decent. That being said, it’s time to learn how to find (or tailor) a perfect suit for your own measurements.

The Shoulders

The look of the suit starts with the shoulders. It’s the first thing fashion experts consider when they determine if a suit fits you properly or not. It can’t be too tight, especially when you’re moving around. Not only is that uncomfortable for you, but it will just look very wrong. On the other hand, if it’s too big and wide at the shoulders, the silhouette will make it look all bunched up.

The Button

Most suits nowadays feature two buttons, and the general rule is that the one at the bottom should never be buttoned up while the top button (which is the middle button in 3-button suits) should always be buttoned. When that’s buttoned, the lower part of the suit should sit just right. There should be no X-mark formed by buttoning up, as that is a sure sign that the suit is too tight.

The Length

There’s one easy way to determine if your suit has the right length. Put your arms to your sides, and then you make a semi fist with your fingers as if you’re handling a wheelbarrow. The edge of the suit should sit just at the curve of your fingers.

The Sleeves

The length of the sleeves depends on the length of your arms, obviously. It should be long enough to show a quarter of an inch of your shirt sleeves. It shouldn’t cover the shirt sleeves entirely, but showing even an inch of the shirt sleeves will make the arms seem too short.


When it comes to trousers, we first need to consider the fit. The waist should sit on your hips even without the support of a belt. The fit in your legs shouldn’t be baggy, as the current trend in men’s fashion calls for a slimmer cut. The tapered look is simply more flattering.

As for the length of the trousers, a minimum amount of break is enough. The break is how the end of the pants touches the shoes. If the trousers are too short and don’t touch the shoes at all, then your socks will be on display even if you’re standing up. However, if it’s too long then the ends of your pants will be all bunched up, which ruins the slim tapered look.

Check out this video which will help you find the perfect suit.

How to Know If a Suit Fits Properly | Men’s Fashion by Howcast on YouTube