In the cooler months of fall, winter, and spring, men can add layers of clothing that can help them look stylish while keeping them warm. In the summer, the heat limits your wardrobe options, and if you don’t carefully pick what to wear, you may end up simply wearing the same cargo shorts, white shirts, and sandals. If you want to put some more life into your getup, here are some summer outfit ideas to help you out:


In the summer, it may be time for a break from the ever-popular athletic shoes, while your other summer moccasin shoes may look too plain. And even your flip-flops may seem too grungy.

For a change, try out a pair of leather flip flops instead. The leather feels nice on your soles, and at the same time your feet won’t sweat too much since you don’t wear these things with socks.

If you have any objections to showing your toes, then a nice pair of boat shoes can always suffice. They’re great for cargo shorts as well as for jeans and khaki pants. These are the ultimate summer footwear, as they’re designed for beach activities and you don’t need to wear socks with them either. Just do everyone a favor by using foot powder, ok?

Canvas sneakers also offer an airy alternative as well. Get them in a neutral earth tone color, and they can fit any kind of outfit.


You may want to add some variety to your khaki and tan cargo shirts by adding a chambray shorts. They’re not limited to shirts, but they also look good for shorts. Their neutral color works well with any shirt and footwear.

You may also try sporting a brighter color instead. Summer is a fun season, so looking festive with a bright light red pair of shorts is entirely appropriate.

Now if you’re going for the totally badass and uncaring look, cutoff jeans are still cool for summer. If you have some old jeans that are truly past their prime, they can get a second life as cutoff jeans.


Of course, with the heat a white casual shirt makes a lot of sense. They feel cool and they also psychologically make you think you feel cool too. But to distinguish yourself from all the other guys wearing plain white shirts, try to get one with a V-neck.

Printed T-shirts are another common summer outfit. You can literally put any design on your shirt. Nowadays, a nice idea is to go retro—they’re quirky and unique, and you can buy them cheap.

A tank top is also a great idea, especially when you want to display the results of all your hard work in the gym. Wear something that has some color for a sweet look. For a less casual look, you can try a fitted short-sleeve shirt with buttons in a light color.


With the sun shining brightly during the day, a pair of sunglasses won’t hurt either. Some lightweight shades with UV protection can really keep out the glare while keeping you comfy as well. Aviators are always a classic, but other styles may look great as well.

Hopefully, with these ideas you can upgrade your look and add some variety to your usual white shirt and jeans getup! Use these ideas in various combinations, and you will look and feel cool in the summer heat.

Now that you have seen these outfits in action, I’m sure you are ready to have that hot date! And look awesome while you’re at it!

10 Summer Style Essentials | Men’s Summer Outfit Ideas by alpha m. on YouTube