Merman Hair? Learn All About This New Instagram Trend

The first images that usually come to mind when you think of mermaid hair are the long, flowing, bright colored locks that women wear in costume parties. Looks good on the ladies too.

But what comes to mind when you hear the words: merman hair?


Believe it or not, the merman hair is one of the latest trends on Instagram. If you type the hashtag #MermanHair on social websites, you’ll see a showcase of guys who dyed their hair in bright colors in honor of those mythical sea creatures made famous by Ariel in Disney’s “The Little Mermaid.”

But #MermanHair is not only about the color of the hair itself. Some guys go above and beyond that. Wearing long shiny tresses that would make any woman jealous, the men of #MermanHair are truly redefining men’s hair. You can check out more of these colorful styles here!

No matter what other people will say, these guys are into the trend with their come-hither attitude and unconventional hairdos. It began only as a fashion trend, but then it evolved into a statement: hair color is not restricted to gender (as it is more traditional for women to dye their hair), it’s actually a person’s decision; a personal expression.

And what an expression they’re making. Some guys dye their hair, others dye their beards, and the most daring ones even dye their eyebrows .

This fashion trend however is not for the faint hearted because men who choose to go for a merman hair do must dye their hair peroxide blond first. This is then followed by dying the hair to their preferred color. Sometimes this means dying different strands with different color to have a more “custom” look. While other men choose to just dye their beards with the funky colors and leave their hair with a more conventional hue, others dye their locks and beard with different colors, adopting a more authentic merman look.

Dying the hair with bright colors is not new at all. It has been done by many subcultures in the past like the goths, punks, and emos. But the current trend is far reaching as it crosses different groups of guys from those that are openly supporting homosexuality to straight men with open, progressive minds and bold personalities.

But before you dye your hair with neon colors, please keep in mind that this is not as easy as it seems. It’s not easy for an average guy to pull off colorful hair (what will your boss think??). It may seem great for a Saturday night event you’re attending but what are you going to do when Monday comes and you have to report for work?

If you truly want to try the Merman hair trend, we suggest that you go with tamer colors first. Or perhaps you can just dye a small portion of your hair. Whatever you do, just make sure it’s not something you’ll regret afterwards.

The trend is also widely seen in the entertainment industry like Jared Leto (playing the Joker on the upcoming movie “Suicide Squad”), Zayn Malik of One Direction, Chris Brown, and Michael Clifford of 5 Seconds of Summer.

The idea of the merman do is having fun with color and style. It is also about expressing individuality. There is really no definite rule on the colors used. Although green and blue dominate and sometimes red and orange join in the fun. If the color is not left for a long time on the hair, the result is a pastel color that provides for a more subtle merman look.