Top Trending Summer Beard STYLES In VOGUE

If it would depend on beards, world male population could be divided by two groups: men who can grow them and men who cannot. Everything depends on, some studies say, a guy’s sensibility to testosterone—the more sensible, the hairier.

So, if you’re part of the “I can grow a beard” group, and have decided to actually grow and style a beard in order to improve your appearance —as of now having a beard is a new trend— you have to remember three important things:

1. Good looking beards require of maintenance if high or low depends on the style.

2. Beards usage is now acceptable in workspaces, so wear it with pride!

3. Beards come in a wide variety of styles.

Let’s see into the third part. In fact, you should definitely check out these styles to be at the top of your game when it comes to styling your beard.

Cool Images Thanks To 9gag

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