3 Simple Tips To Plan A BUDGET Vacation

Vacation. Time off from work. Holidays.

These well-earned times when you get to venture into new places, get to experience activities you’ve been dreaming of.

Vacations mean adventure, new friends and amazing experiences. If you want to have a fantastic holiday somewhere, you need to do some great planning. When you plan ahead, you’ll have more fun on your vacation, rather than worry about expensive flights, dirty hotel rooms, and other travel woes.

Setting a Budget

The most part of your planning is deciding on a budget. If you make an effort to define a realistic and specific budget, you won’t have to eventually face the harsh reality of a humongous credit card debt. Plan ahead so you’ll have lots of time cherishing your next holiday—one that you’ll enjoy but won’t deplete your savings.

Here are some tips to make planning hassle-free:

Step 1: Choosing a Mode of Transportation

Whether you plan on driving or flying to your vacation destination, make the most of the online tools at your disposal that will allow you to compare the myriad of transportation options. Find the most cost effective route.

You can use Google Flights when planning. Simply choose your departure point, enter the dates you want to travel and discover the best deals.

This might also be the time to take that road trip you have been dreaming about. Gas prices have gone down recently so consider hitting the road in a car. Check out Roadtrippers.com for sample routes. The site also suggests hotels, landmarks, attractions and more.

Step 2: Finding a Place to Stay

The perfect type of accommodation for you will depend on certain factors. Would you like to stay in a hotel room equipped with an AC and large flat screen TV or does an image of a rustic cabin excite you? Will you be traveling with children, with a romantic partner, alone?

If you’re thinking of vacationing for a week or more, consider renting an apartment or cabin. With web sites like Airbnb and HomeAway, travelers can now rent rooms, entire houses or apartments.

You can also look for the best room deals on sites like Orbitz, Hipmunk, HotelTonight and Expedia. Check out where you can find discounted rates on hotel rooms. The quality of hostels are starting to improve in some cities so don’t discount these cheaper options. Visit HostelBookers.com and HostelWorld.com for more details.

Step 3: Cutting Costs

There are easy ways you can save money while you’re on a vacation. You can also choose to skimp on certain things like hotel rooms and splurge on a fine dinner and a shopping spree. It’s all about prioritizing where your money goes.

To save money when it comes to food, shop at a grocery store. Pick up snacks, drinks and other items that are much cheaper at the grocery store than at any hotel or restaurant.

While going around a city, consider taking the bus. You’ll get to see more of the place while saving money, money that otherwise would have gone to parking fees, taxis and car rental.

The majority of US cities and towns own updated websites. Check them out and discover upcoming events, activity guides and more.

With the right planning you can tighten your belt while enjoying a hassle-free vacation you deserve.

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