Guys Shorts N’ Style (SUMMER TRENDS)

Today’s cargo shorts evolved from two sources. The first source is the legendary Michael Jordan, whose innate coolness popularized men’s fashion trends such as the bald look and earrings. Jordan is also credited with popularizing men’s shorts that reach the knee area, and he had his customized with the seam dropped because he had a habit of tugging at his shorts while playing.

The other main feature of cargo shorts is the presence of so many large pockets, That’s a convenient way to carry around various guy accessories such as car keys, wallets, and of course, the ubiquitous mobile device.

What Do Fashion Gurus Say?

Fashion experts are quite aware that summer outfits present a dilemma for most guys. Comfort is a priority, and the problem with the heat is that often the most comfy outfits are the worst looking. For example, flips-flops may be airy and can make you feel cool in the heat, but your feet don’t exactly look great in public. It’s the same thing with men’s shorts.

Cargo pants can look bad and the additional pockets are part of the reason why. Even when they’re not used, the baggy look can seem as if you’re wearing adult diapers underneath your shorts. In case you’re wondering, that’s not exactly a nice look to have.

Fortunately, there are alternatives. These other options can appeal to the fashion forward as well as to the most conservative guys.

Military-Style Shorts for Shy Guys Who Like to Play It Safe

What you need is a pair of typical shorts with a neutral color. Brown, tan, or light gray should do the trick. These are inoffensive, they evoke a military feel so they look masculine, and they can fit with any color or style of shirt.

These shorts, however, should lose the pleats and the additional pockets down the legs. The consensus among fashion experts is to lose the baggy shorts in favor of slimmer cuts. They should fit close to the body without being too tight. Not only does that look infinitely better than puffy and bloated cargo shorts with lots of pockets on the side, but that also prevents gross inadvertent displays of your underwear when you’re sitting down.

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Light Linen Shorts

Get some light blue or gray linen shorts for the summer with very subtle vertical stripes. These are lightweight and super comfortable, which is appropriate for the season.

In addition, they also look a little less casual than your ordinary shorts. That makes them better to wear in public, and it doesn’t look like you’re wearing something you would wear to sleep. Pair them with a nice pair of brown moccasins, and you’re good to go.
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Prints for the Fashion-Forward

If you have the confidence and the self-assurance, then prints on your shorts can look ideal for the summer season. They’re memorable, and they evoke fun times at the beach. You can wear a complicated print with plain-colored shirts, or you can go with nautical prints for a beach look that’s right for the summer.

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As you can see, you’re not limited to cargo shorts at all. Get some trim shorts that feel comfy, and you’ll look better than you ever have with those cargo shorts.

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