Simple Grooming Tips For Annoying Guy Problems – Skin, Shoes, Sweat And More

Times change, dude.  Men who were never bothered about looks before are now focused on their entire get-up. It’s about your “gait”, “vibe”, “demeanor” and more.

But many men are open to admitting they are interested in personal grooming and style. The modern guy may have good reason to spend considerable time and money on better haircuts, trimming beards, wrinkles, irritations on the skin and dressing up – it’s a competitive world. At least you don’t have to endure all of what girls put on  ; )

If you are embarrassed asking for advice for annoying guy’s problems, worry not. Just read this article to learn the best grooming tips for men, for a few quick fixes that will help you become “impeccably groomed”.


  1. The look of your skin when you’re hungover






Solution– What many of us don’t know is, cold is the best remedy to de-puff the face, especially bags under the eyes. So, if you are sleep deprived or hungover after the previous night’s bash, just get up early, apply an ice cold pack on your face and keep it for 10 minutes. You’ll feel rejuvenated and look refreshed.

If you don’t have the time for a shower, just sprinkle some talcum powder on your hair and rub it to make it look less greasy. Powder acts as dry shampoo absorbing the excess oil from the hair. Apply the powder to the roots and comb it to remove any traces of oil.

  1. Uncomfortable new shoes







Solution-Some easy fixes include applying powder, foot cream or body lotion over the areas of your feet that are sensitive to blisters and bites. You can also wear the thickest socks, put on your shoes and then, use a hair dryer to blast your shoes on maximum heat while flexing your feet. This process enables the leather of the shoes to expand.

3.Stuck Zipper






Solution-Use a zipper if your zipper is stick midway! The most easily available object is a pencil’s lead that is made from graphite.  Rub the lead on the zip as it automatically smoothens the zip’s teeth.

4.Rain your clothes






Solution-Washing removes all odour. Just wash your clothes in the hottest water to get rid of clothes odour. You can also apply some vinegar directly into the basket of clothes to get rid of the musty stench. Vinegar is an all-natural deodorizer as well as a disinfectant. And there is another way to get rid of the musty stench. Just put all the damp clothes in the freezer for an hour or so. Yes, that’s a bizarre tip – But it works  ; ) Try it.

  1. Excessive sweat









Solution- For some men, sweating is a constant problem. It is because of a disorder named hyperhidrosis. Using facial wipes would be a good option to control excessive facial sweating. The facial wipes, which are essentially deodorant wipes acts as wonderful astringent for your face sweat and really help you in keeping your face dry. Sweating is just a common problem with guys. So waste no time to solve this.

One of the most effective tips for personal grooming is to stay receptive. Be open to suggestions and willing to try them. After all, you just want to feel good and look great.