“Suitfie” The New Instagram Trend On Selfies For Guys

A selfie is a photo you take of yourself. A “suitfie,” on the other hand, is a photo you take of yourself wearing a suit and this trend is starting to become really popular on Instagram.




Most men like how they look in a suit and this time there’s actually a trend that lets us wear one.

According to a Websta.me search, there are over 1,300 selfies tagged as suitfies. The suitfies can be taken with a cellphone or with a go pro camera. There’s really no rule for this.  You can take a photo of yourself in a suit from every angle and using any color.

Perhaps the main difference between suitfies and selfies is that with a suitfie the person’s face usually isn’t in the frame. That’s because all eyes should be on your sharp suit.

Now, even though the word “selfie” is in it, it does not necessarily mean it has to be one. Just about any photo of yourself in suit can be part of this phenomenon. For example, it can be a photo of a suit on a rack.

Contrary to what a lot of people think, it’s not only young businessmen who are causing this hashtag to be trending online. Hollywood personalities like James Franco have given personal lessons on how to take the perfect suitfie on Jimmy Fallon’s The Tonight Show and it really set the social media world abuzz. You can also find pictures of father and sons posing together wearing (you guessed it) suits.



The suit is an epitome of sophistication and the most well made ones can also fetch top dollar. A suitfie, more than anything else, is not just a statement of style but also of affluence. It is not a secret that suits are worn for business and the best ones are only donned for exclusive events.

Taking a picture of yourself wearing a suit or just taking a picture of one, the vest, and the tie is a means of self expression. Except that this time the suit takes center stage.

The trend is gaining traction on social media because it reflects one’s sense of style. It also embodies one’s individuality. It can reveal a man’s inclination towards conventional design and color or his interest towards wild and visually stimulating colors and cuts.

The suit has been around for a long time and now it is claiming its place in man’s everyday life. What better way to pay tribute to it than to show it off to the world?

So if you want to be part of this trend, dress up in your finest suit and your most original – or favorite – tie, and take a suitfie. Don’t worry if all your other male friends have not done it. You can jumpstart this trend in your own social media circle.

Suit up and take a #Suitfie.


Source:  Check out Business Insider to know more about ‘Suitfie’ for Guys

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