If you love going to the beach in the summer, the tips I’ve provided here will be really useful for you. Because even if you’re at the beach chillin’, you always have to be stylish and feel good about how you look – it adds to your self-confidence and also enhances the fun you will likely have by socializing with other people. While many are very casual about how they look when they are at the beach, it pays to give attention to your own appearance. Check out this video and learn how to do it.

First things first!

Swimming in the sea exposes your hair to saltwater. For some people, this results in a difficult-to-manage hair. But when you know how to maximize that salt water in your hair, you can actually use it to have more volume. Get the water out from your hair by squeezing your hair with your hands. Then you can shake your hair to further rid it of water. Using a towel is not necessary at all.

This is an added advantage when doing your hair at the beach because it can be done quickly and easily without using a lot of hair care products. You do not even need a brush to look great!

Prepare your hair

Now that most of the water is drained out of your hair, letting it dry in the sun and the open air becomes much easier. But before you do so, use your fingers to comb and untangle your hair in the direction you want it to settle into. An easy option for this is to brush up your hair in one direction. Keep doing this until your damped hair settles in the way you like.

If you have a mirror you can check your hair just to be sure. But this is not necessary at all. You can then do whatever you want afterwards – walk around the beach, get your tan while reading a book, or just sit in a beachside bar and sip an ice cold beer. Your hair should be ready for the next step in 15 minutes or so.

Don’t make it look too perfect

When your hair is all dried up, you will notice that with the help of the salt water, it now has more volume. The next step is to apply some high quality hair gel that can hold up your hair in the sun and allow you to have a worry free hairstyle once you set it with the wax. Apply a finger full of the gel by first spreading it on your palm. Apply it on your hair following the form and direction you did when you dried your hair. Spread the gel evenly and comb only with your fingers. This will allow you to have that grungy, beach look – not too perfect and not to too messy. It should be just right.

I’m pretty sure when your hair is like this, you’ll get a lot of attention at the beach. Have fun!

Check out this video and learn how to do it!

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