Guide To Modern Men’s Travel Essential – TRAVEL MUST HAVES!

Planning a trip to Las Vegas with the boys this weekend? Is work taking you to another city and you got to pack quick and efficiently? Or perhaps a hot date wants to meet out of town?

Whatever your reasons for traveling, there are ways for an urban guy like you to pack smart and quick. Packing doesn’t have to be stressful, all thanks to these tricks.

Bring Your Favorite Pair of Shoes

When it comes to packing for a trip, we all have to work with limited space. This is truer for most guys than it is for girls. Unless you want the hassle of lugging more than one suitcase, limit what you are bringing on the trip to only the essentials.

And what are these essentials exactly? For one, taking your favorite pair of shoes is a smart thing to do. Whatever your favorite pair is—be it trendy sneakers or a classic leather pair—they’re your favorite because they go with plenty of your outfits. You won’t have to worry about mixing and matching because, chances are, you’re pretty familiar with what works with your favorite pair of kicks.

Going with Pants

The awesome thing about classic looking pants like jeans, khakis or simple black trousers is that you can wear them five days in a row. Yes really. Your favorite pair or two, depending on how long you’ll be gone, is a must-have when you travel.

No guy can go wrong with pants and they help you pack light because one pair can last about five days, unless you happen to soil them. In that case, bring one or two extra pairs.

Packing T-Shirts

Unlike pants, you wouldn’t want to wear the same shirt again and again. If you’re like most people, you find shirts get dirty fast and some guys change mid-day, especially as soon as the shirt starts to smell from sweat or dirt.

If you’re going to pack the most of something, it has to be shirts. That way if you sweat too much or spill food on them you can change and look fresh. Whether you like vintage shirts or dry-fit ones, it’s a smart move to pack a variety of shirts.


The weather can drive people crazy. You might leave your room and face a hot day yet find yourself shivering before the day ends. This is why layering is a wise move. Bring items that allow you to layer: hoodies, long-sleeved shirts and sweaters.

You don’t have to bring plenty of outerwear pieces. Go with your favorite ones, especially those in colors that work with your t-shirts. A water-resistant outerwear is a smart choice for layering.

Accessories and Luggage

If you have a favorite hat, pack it. It’s a great go-to accessory for bad hair days or simply if you just feel like wearing a hat. A quality piece of luggage is a must as well. Whether you have a carry-on, a backpack, a duffel bag or whatever else, find the best quality luggage you can afford.

You can also pick a main color theme to help you pack items that work well with one another. Black is a great choice but you can get creative, too.

Bon voyage!

Travel Essentials: What I Pack For Vacation! by AlwaysFreshApparel on YouTube